Inspiration: DREAMSCAPES Series

Well hello, world wide web!

In today’s blog post I’m going to be chatting about my newest series DREAMSCAPES and the inspiration that went into each photo. Inspiration, to me, is an idea or creation that sparks the mind into creating any type of art whether it be music, paintings, photographs, fashion, the list just goes on. A couple of things that I draw inspiration from include movies, music, fashion, and nature.

The inspiration behind my newest series: DREAMSCAPES was really the idea that the human body is… a wonderland (LUL, sorry John Mayer, I JUST had to). I thought I would have my own twist to exploring the body by incorporating different parts of the body with different types of landscapes.

I started off the series with “Fantasy”, inspired by Alina Baraz’s song of the same name. The photo idea was the first peak of inspiration I had for this series: I had envisioned a forest sort of theme, to go with the idea of pure woods, with a creek and trees— so pretty much Yosemite National Park. With my hand posed specifically to look like a helping hand, I wanted to exude how nature always extends its “hand” to us by supplying us with beauty and necessities.



For this next image, I decided to go into the cityscape aspect of my series with “Lost in Japan” by Shawn Mendes. The song to me, especially the dance remix by Zedd, makes me think of the Japanese nightlife full of neon wonder and entertainment. I decided to add in some car light streaks for tears to symbolize how cities can be overpopulated, but people can still be lonely. On a lighter note, I canNOT wait until the day I visit Japan: it’s always been a dream to mine, so I’m glad I was able to at least visit it in a series.

DREAMSCAPES: Lost in Japan

DREAMSCAPES: Lost in Japan

For “Pyramids” (with the musical inspiration being the song with same title by Frank Ocean), I decided to go into little bit of a different direction: the feeling as well as the look of the desert. I’ve always seen the desert, especially sand dunes, as a huge visual inspiration to play with. As for my inspiration for pairing up the desert with my back is simply this: it’s a part of the body that’s open, vast, and dry. HAHA! No, but I just saw the vastness of how the back is and it truly reminded me of sand dunes and pyramids, and how it can be a vulnerable area of the body.



For the latest and last post of the series, at least for the moment as I may add onto it, is “Floating”, inspired by the song by Alina Baraz and Khalid. After exploring my body a bit more through photography, I’ve come to terms with accepting every inch of it and I am comfortable with it. When creating “Floating”, my main mindset while editing it was “divine”: the divine and powerful feet from the heavens are stepping onto the sea, causing a small sea storm. I felt that creating this photo with a painterly-like effect would really give it the justice that it deserves.



It’s just honestly been a blast coming back into creating art more full-time now. I’ve been conceptualizing more, so just wait and see for these exciting photos that I have lined up to create.

I would love to see any series that you’ve perhaps worked on/or are currently working on! Tag me on your posts because I would love to see them. (Instagram: @chris.rivera, Facebook: Christopher J. Photography)

That’s all I really have for my inspiration on my DREAMSCAPES series, so until my next blog post! :)


Behind the Scenes: Golden Boy

Man, oh man, hello everyone!

As some of you may already know, I decided to quit my retail jobs in pursuit of my photography career! It feels so freeing to be able to put my full efforts into what I want to do instead of chasing after bunny trails (or is that how the saying goes? Beats me, HAHA). Safe to say, you’ll be seeing a lot more of me across the land of socials.

Naturally, being back in the game, I had to take some new self portraits the I’ve been planning down for a while now. I grabbed my golden body tape, compliments of The Black Tape Project, and camera and went to town. After a millennia of cutting little golden glass shards for my face and neck, I started to put the pieces onto me.

After a few minutes, some glue to hold down the pieces on my head, and pieces of tape to hold near my neck, I was ready to shoot! This is where I love shooting self portraits: shooting. I always have to have music on, depending on how I want the shoot to go. As for this shoot, I had “Power is Power” by SZA for the Game of Thrones album, Sabrina Claudio, Solange, and Rihanna… let’s just say it was a more moody shoot.

I knew for the image, I wanted to be completely covered in these glass shards, so I knew Photoshop would be the place to go and get that done.

In addition to selecting certain shards on my face and just placing them elsewhere, I took some photos of the tape pieces in the sun, for a little touch of light to my portrait.


On a real note, I’ll try to post some speed edit videos that I can post. I forget so many times that I can record my screen and by the time I remember, I’m already halfway done with a photo. I do have before and afters though, so here’s that!

When I posted it to my instagram, Anousha (@anousha.irfan) caught a look at Golden Boy and wrote a lovely bit of words to it:

At first they broke me into pieces when I loved them,

Then they fell in love with the mess I became…

They created a beautiful collage of my shattered hopes and dreams,

And expected me to be the man I used to be once again.

I always love it when others get inspired to write, draw, and create from my artwork. Interpretations of art are beautiful things and I love to hear them whenever I can.

As I mentioned earlier, this is just the beginning for me to start exploring the world of blogging, diving back into my art, and just having some fun! Let me know if there are any tutorials that you might like to see and I can work on videos and such!

Cheers! Until next time!


Golden Boy, a self portrait

Golden Boy, a self portrait