It's Good to Look Back

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I don’t know about you, but I just feel like it’s a good idea for some Spring cleaning. As a many photographer knows the struggle of keeping up with file storage and cycling out old photos to deletion, I often visit some of my “recently” older work, if that makes sense (e.g. the stuff that I created two years ago as opposed to seven). I love seeing my progress through the time I’ve been a photographer, however, I was shockingly surprised to find some of these rather ANCIENT files that I had created— the dark ages of my work. I remember at this time, these were some of my first experiments with photoshop, manipulation, and self portraits.

Who doesn’t like a good levitation photo?

Who doesn’t like a good levitation photo?

Oh man, I remember being particularly proud of this photo: it was my first one using my Photoshop free trial AGES ago. Haha!

Oh man, I remember being particularly proud of this photo: it was my first one using my Photoshop free trial AGES ago. Haha!

As one can tell from these older images (circa 2011 and 2012), I’ve always known that I wanted to create compelling stories through photography. However, sometimes the road to inspiration and creation can be hindered by the fog of social media and comparing myself to the next photographer and their accomplishments. Finding these photos helped lift the fog—they inspired me of the journey that I’ve had as an artist and a person. I look back at the past with a smile, remembering the early times of my career and my interaction with the world and look forward with the inspiration, the drive, and the re-ignited passion of pursuing my art for myself.

Mind the Birds_fixed_chrisrivera.jpg
The Suns Form_more dpi.jpg
The Floater_chrisrivera_unfiltered.jpg

Do you have any thing that you look back on to remind yourself of the journey that you’ve had, whether it’s going through life, a career, a relationship, etc.? If you have an older photo, say on Instagram or Facebook, feel free to tag me (@chris.rivera on Instagram and Christopher J. Photography on Facebook). Or, if it’s a non visual thing, leave a comment and let’s start a conversation! :)

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Behind the Scenes: Golden Boy

Man, oh man, hello everyone!

As some of you may already know, I decided to quit my retail jobs in pursuit of my photography career! It feels so freeing to be able to put my full efforts into what I want to do instead of chasing after bunny trails (or is that how the saying goes? Beats me, HAHA). Safe to say, you’ll be seeing a lot more of me across the land of socials.

Naturally, being back in the game, I had to take some new self portraits the I’ve been planning down for a while now. I grabbed my golden body tape, compliments of The Black Tape Project, and camera and went to town. After a millennia of cutting little golden glass shards for my face and neck, I started to put the pieces onto me.

After a few minutes, some glue to hold down the pieces on my head, and pieces of tape to hold near my neck, I was ready to shoot! This is where I love shooting self portraits: shooting. I always have to have music on, depending on how I want the shoot to go. As for this shoot, I had “Power is Power” by SZA for the Game of Thrones album, Sabrina Claudio, Solange, and Rihanna… let’s just say it was a more moody shoot.

I knew for the image, I wanted to be completely covered in these glass shards, so I knew Photoshop would be the place to go and get that done.

In addition to selecting certain shards on my face and just placing them elsewhere, I took some photos of the tape pieces in the sun, for a little touch of light to my portrait.


On a real note, I’ll try to post some speed edit videos that I can post. I forget so many times that I can record my screen and by the time I remember, I’m already halfway done with a photo. I do have before and afters though, so here’s that!

When I posted it to my instagram, Anousha (@anousha.irfan) caught a look at Golden Boy and wrote a lovely bit of words to it:

At first they broke me into pieces when I loved them,

Then they fell in love with the mess I became…

They created a beautiful collage of my shattered hopes and dreams,

And expected me to be the man I used to be once again.

I always love it when others get inspired to write, draw, and create from my artwork. Interpretations of art are beautiful things and I love to hear them whenever I can.

As I mentioned earlier, this is just the beginning for me to start exploring the world of blogging, diving back into my art, and just having some fun! Let me know if there are any tutorials that you might like to see and I can work on videos and such!

Cheers! Until next time!


Golden Boy, a self portrait

Golden Boy, a self portrait